Hello and thank you for allowing access to this group. After a period of 10 days worth of testing and analysis of 1 of my 6 feline children, I have a specialist telling me his condition is "highly suggestive" of having FIP. He already has been diagnosed with FELV having a positive result 10 days ago. My 9 year old blonde tabby male "Samauri Warrior" went to the vet 10 days ago for a followup exam for a cronic issue with eyes tearing due to nasal passage congestion and it evolved into chest xrays/bloodwork/radiographs/ultasounds/discovery of fluid buildup in the right side of his chest/aspiration/fluid testing via PCR test and it looks like a bad prognosis is coming today. The bloodwork was fine with the exception of a very low lymphocyte count. If it were not for the initial xray taken I would never have known he was sick to begin with, per se. He eats, drinks, sleeps and acts normally. His respiration has been normal throughout this ordeal. Based on all the testing the specialists have ruled out cancer of any type, all organs are fine and working, it's that staw colored fluid buildup combined with the FELV positive result that is leading them to the FIP. I have researched this to the point of exhaustion and am trying to see if it could be anything other than FIP. The specialists have ruled out pleuresy, and chylothorax because of the straw like color of the fluid. They say this color is definitely associated with FIP. The other conditions that would make fluid build up have milky white colors. In analyzing what meds he would be given to slow the wet FIp fluid buildup, I am seeinga contradiction in care with FELV being a complicating factor because we have to keep his immune system as strong as possible yet the FIP meds speak of immune supression drugs to slow the reaction of fluid buildup and the FIP down. So how is this reconciled for proper treatment? Sorry for such a long post. It seems no one that I know wants to talk about it. Everyone knows I will leave no stone unturned whenever any of my feline children are sick.

Thanks for listening and love to all our pets and petlovers!

Long Island, New York