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Thread: Beautiful Gracie

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    Beautiful Gracie

    Congratulations on getting chosen to be Dog of the Day! Gracie is so adorable, I'd love to just reach into the computer screen and give her a hug. Everything you describe in Gracie's behavior is so typical of boxers (it looks like her pointer side is recessive). They are very high-energy and hard-headed which makes them harder to train than some breeds. They also love life - it's the famous boxer spirit, they just wanna have fun, fun, fun. Mine makes me laugh every single day because they are just so silly. I've attached Ginger's picture - she's half boxer and half lab.
    I wish you many happy years full of laughter with your wonderful Gracie.
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    Beautiful Gracie

    Gracie, what a stunning beauty you are! I can see why you are the Dog of the Day today! I would love to meet you and give you a big bear hug and a kiss right on that beautiful nose! Cudos on your win today. Many happy, healthy years with your human family.
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    Hi Gracie Girl !!!!

    You are such a pretty girl, young lady!! Wandering the streets so young. Oh goodness!! That's terrible. Thank goodness you were saved and given a great life. We're smiling at the underbite part of your story. Our Delilah has an underbite too and it is so cute. Our Mom bursts out laughing at her all the time. She calls it her "slightly toothy grin". It's so cute. You sound like a great little lap dog, Gracie and it's our pleasure to meet you today!! Please tell the family to give you tons of kisses to celebrate today. Those kisses are from us. We send big congrats too!! Happiness always!!! :

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Greetings and a very happy Dog of the Day to you dear, darling, adorable Gracie! If you aren't the ultimate heart melter, sweet baby girl! What a beautiful blend of breeds you are! Before reading your bio. I was guessing at first, Beagle, then a Fox Hound/Boxer blend! Well, I was close! hehe Oh, those ears of yours are so long and floppy, so silky soft! They frame that beautiful little face of yours to perfection! I only wish I could reach through my screen and cover you with kisses! I'm sorry to hear that you were even for one single day, homeless and alone; wandering the mean streets! Thank goodness for you guardian angel rescuers, and your wonderful family, for giving you a second chance at a happy, carefree, love filled life! You are one life loving, people loving, precious pup, Gracie! And your family one lucky bunch, having a best friend and loyal companion in you, for life! Lots of love and smoochies to you on your well earned day in the spotlight, sweetheart! Hope you're having blast, being spoiled rotten and loved to pieces!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Hello Gracie,

    Hi pretty girl. I must admit I have a special place in my heart for the
    Beagles. Such great family dogs.It's great to meet you sweetie.
    Big congrarts on being our honored DOG OF THE DAY. You can sit in my
    lap anytime Gracie. Sending hugs & kisses for your silky ears.
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    Gracie, you are such a pretty girl. I hate to think of you all alone out on the streets when you were just a baby. Thank goodness for the SPCA and for your mommy and daddy who came to take Miss Gracie home. I think you will have a lap to crawl in for many years to come. Wish I could give you a hug, sweet Gracie. Congratulations on being our DOTD.

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    Hi gracie!


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