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    Namaste Pet Lovers

    Hi I am new as a subscriber but have been visiting this site daily for past couple of months. I love this site and think there is no other like this one.

    I strongly believe that anyone who lovingly cares for a pet can never be bad so i know that all u wonderful members of this site are a blessed lot.

    I am and have always been an animal lover, get it from my parents who taught me to see animals as god's special creatures.

    I am an Indian born into an Hindu family, educated in a convent surrounded by Christian beliefs and living the past 8 years in an Islamic country. Why do I mention this....coz i have learnt first hand that religion does not promote violence, people do.

    I am a single women and I live with my catson Tychee who is the brightness in my life....MY LUCKY CHARM

    I hope to be an active member of this site and look forward to making a few good friends here.

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    Belgium, near Ghent

    You will love it here, because we ALL are devoted petlovers!! Please post a picture of your cat Tychee

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    Just north of Memphis TN, USA
    Congrats again to Tychee for being cat of the day on the 15th. He sure is a handsome boy!

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    Welcome again to Pet Talk, I am sure you - and Tychee - will fit in well here. That's an amazing confluence of religious experiences you have had!

    And I am sure you have warmer, steadier weather there than we have in New England!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Oh I didn't see Tychee before- how could I miss such a handsome boy

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    New Jersey
    A BIG WELCOME from the "CREW"
    GILL & Crew;

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    Namaste Pet Lovers

    I dont have a pet right now, but I need to get one I need a little friend to live here with me

    I so want a goldfish, and his name will be Charlie

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