Well, many congrats on COTD AND, of course, for successfully enslaving a member of a lesser species and putting said "human" to useful purpose in the world! You're almost a 50/50 blend of white and black, almost a 'reverse' Tuxedo- and we can vouch for both Tuxes (2) and reverse Tuxes (2), they're the BEST! One of each adopted as adults, one of each caught as ferals and allowed to further domesticate us-- and all WONDERFUL cats, smart, affectionate, sharp, active, loving, purely a joy to have around and be allowed to share a house with- and it sounds like you're the same! Also, heaps of praise for being highly selective and picky about what foods to prefer-- no sense 'settling' for tuna when you can go for shrimp, lobster, caviar, filet mignon, the BETTER things in life which you so richly deserve!

Enjoy your COTD and make sure your level of service from your humans, measures up EVERY day for a long, long time!