Good morning darling Filina! What a treat for this wheeker lover, to have a pretty, precious piggie as our Pet of the Day! You're so tiny in your picture; what a precious baby you were! You're probably all grown up by now, and even more beautiful! What fun you and your young guardian will have growing up together, best buds for life! And with a furry friend and cagemate in Softy, your family is complete! Your devoted young person loves you dearly Filina, and understandably so! Who could resist a soft, cuddly, sweet creature like you! Congratulations on your much deserved day in the spotlight, Filina! Hope you, and Softy too, enjoy a very happy, fun filled day, treated to lots of love and all your faves...cucumber, carrot, red cabbage! Love and cuddles, wheeks and purrrs to you precious Filina, and to Softy too, from me and my wheeker girl Ruby!