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    Hello there! I use to post on here sometime ago, and am re-introducing myself! I'm 19 years old and live in South Florida. Since I've been gone I'm only owned by dogs now, no more birdies or fish. But two new doggy additions have entered my life since then. But one of my dogs, Didi, my heartdog at that, has since left the world, but never left that special place in my heart.

    Re-Introducing My Poochies...

    Pepe the bichon frise [maybe mix? got him from the HS]...who's been dyed like a 'panda dog', but no worries, its pet-safe & will wash off after a couple of baths!

    Princess the dachshund...

    Introducing the 'Sort Of' Newbies [well to PT anywho!]

    Princess Mama the king charles spaniel x peke. We were told she was a shih tzu x poodle as claimed on her 'papers', but I'm not too sure how true that is!

    Valentino the shih tzu mix, son of Princess Mama. He was a result of an 'oopsie' litter, but all my dogs have been fixed since then and I still keep in contact with the owners of his littermates, one of whom is one of my best friends and another my sister; who's also the owner of his father Lucky the shih tzu [not the one in my siggie].

    These are my two rainbow bridge dogs of whom one I lost in 2005, Lucky the shih tzu, and one just recently this past year in 2008, Didi the rat terrier.

    Nice to be back posting on PT!

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    Welcome back! Good to see the "new" kids!
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    Hey There.
    I have a HUGE SIG!!!!

    My Dogs. Erp the Cat.

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    Welcome back!!!

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