I have 2 bunnies (currently). I have a Dwarf Dutch Female Bunny (3 months on the 26th. Half Grey & Half White, Named Lily) and a Regular Sized Dutch Female Rabbit (2yrs. and Half Brown & Half White, Named Daisy) In December on the 2nd, I recieved a call that on the 1st, a dog (big Husky) had gone over to check out my bunnies. (At the time I still had Daisy but not Lily. I had a bunny named Hanna. Tan, Fat, Soft, and 2yrs.) Apparently, Hanna was a scaredy bunnie and she kicked her hind legs back in the air. In the morning, my dad noticed something wasnt right with Hanna. She couldn't walk. My dad took Hanna over to a bunny expert across the street from us and told her to take her to the Vet Hospital. The vet told my dad what a sweet bunny she was and everybody liked her! (Thats my baby!) They took some x-rays and they didnt look good. She had shattered her nervous system that went to her hind legs, basically, paralyzed. Hanna was put down on the 2nd. I really miss her and even Lily is sweet, but not compared to Hanna. I NEVER got to say goodbye to Hanna. And I regret that. Daisy was so depressed. It hurt me deeply. Just a reminder to all you pet lovers, If you leave someone, make sure you charish every moment you have with your pets.. because one day, you could wake up and they could be gone forever

I still see that Husky. One time he returned and frightened Daisy but she is ok. I was about to jump out of my bed, get a shovel and chase after that dumb dog and scream "YOU KILLED MY BABY!!!!" Not a day goes by that I wish something would happen to that dog. I see his owner walking him, wow. I get so mad. It just proves some owners arent responsble to have dogs.

R.I.P. Hanna Banana. You were such a mommas girl, fat, and had such personality. I love you and I miss you terribly. I hope you have a good time in Heaven, but I wish you were here.


Died: December 2nd, 2008. (3 months passed)