Good morning and happy DOG OF THE DAY to you, adorable Copper! Be still my Labbie loving heart! What a big, beautiful, gentle giant of a pup you are! Oh, that face! I wish I could plant a gazillion kisses on that sweet head of yours! No surprise how you came to be named, big guy! You're as ***bright*** as a shiny, new penny, and it's not just your beautiful, copper colored coat, those sparkling, yellow eyes that shine, but your personality as well! What a sweetheart you are, everything we Lab lovers crave in your beloved breed! Your family, your little furry sidekick, your Schnauzer best bud Jackjack, are so lucky to have you in their lives! (That bottom shot of you two cuties is beyond precious; what a team!) And what fun adventures await you and your family as you embark (pun intended) upon your life long journey together! So many happy years ahead, so many happy memories to be made, so many puddles and pools to splash in! (And bumpers to be chewed! lol)

Me and my Labbie girl Star are honored to be the first to congratulate you on your much deserved day in the spotlight Copper, and wish for you a very happy, labalicious, fun filled day of celebration, and a lifetime of happy, love filled years with your family!

Love and kisses, woofs and wags to you beautiful Copper, and to Jackjack too, from me and my girl, Star!