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Thread: Holy cow! Who is Dragon Fire?

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    Holy cow! Who is Dragon Fire?

    I haven't been here since the day I joined!

    You know what's weird...I ended up finding this place by searching for my old ICQ number! I didn't know for sure if this was my account, but I had the correct password, so I obviously created it years ago even though don't remember doing so.

    I thought I would just post something here especially after finding out that I came up with the name "Dragon Fire" as a user name...that doesn't sound like something I've ever called myself before either. Haha

    Well, it is definitly my account because I used to have that pet rat community that I posted about.

    Okay, this is still so weird to me. Who knows, maybe I'll stick around now that I found out that I'm a member here.

    I should really update that signature...and um, is it possible to change user names? Or, maybe I'll just keep this name for memories. Hehe

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    Hi there.

    :Waving Smilie:
    I have a HUGE SIG!!!!

    My Dogs. Erp the Cat.

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    LOL. Don't feel bad. Ever since I turned 40 my memory has been going down hill. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. Welcome back! I have been a member for quite some time but have only recently started posting regularly. This is a great place to chat and hear wonderful stories of pets being loved like they should be.

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    hey.. welcome back... not that I hace met you as you were here loooong before me.. but still welcome back!!

    any updates on your crew.. do you still have rats?...
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    Maybe you were taking Ambien at the time you created your account...LOL! Glad to have you here/back.

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    Thanks for the welcomes and welcomes back

    I'm not sure Ambien was around back then. Heh

    I no longer have any pet rats, but I still maintain a group dedicated to pet rats. I updated my signature with it.

    I have a little dog, his name is Deeogee. I'll post a picture of him in the Dog area.

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