My name is Mandy and I'm kinda new to the site, but not really!! I was a member of the fabulous pet talk a few years back, but unfortunately had some difficulties in my personal life so had to change contact details etc etc. But i'm back now with a new name and am looking forward to hearing loads of fab stories about all the weird and wonderful animals that we all have!!

I personally have a cat called Tigger. He is nearly 4 years old and is as mischevious as anything! Although he is 4...he still hasn't grown out of his kitten state of mind! So he is very playful and tried to catch everything that moves! Although...this is of course when he is awake.....he spends an awful lot of the day sound asleep dreaming about goodness knows what!! Hopefully I will remember how to add photo's to the site as I love showing him off!!

Anyway, enough of me "rabbiting" on...