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Thread: So bummed out. Or, should I be?

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    So bummed out. Or, should I be?

    I had lunch with my brother today, and we brought up the conversation about my graduation day and how I was so excited about it, and he brought up that our mom didn't think about it that my graduation was on the 22nd and my brothers won't be here for it, instead they'll be in Florida for 10 days for spring break.. Their flight leaves on the 19th - and apparently my brothers including my mom are saying it's not a big deal, just a two hours ceremony, and it wasn't a big deal. WOW?! Is it JUST me or am I crazy for thinking this is a big deal to me? I am extremely bummed out - even though my parents and my boyfriend will be there for my graduation but still. I wanted my entire family to be THERE for that day. It only happens once. I don't know, I feel like I am being double standard-ed here. Last summer, my family hounded on me for almost missing my brother's highschool graduation because I was with Mike somewhere for the weekend, but you know what, I made it... and guess what? The other day, I find out that brother of mine told me he wouldn't really care if I wasn't there,as long my praents were there, he'd be fine about it. OUCH! I don't know what is going on with my family.. It's just strange.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't resent my family at all - I just find it strange this is happening and it just seems like EVERYONE is going in different directions..

    Sorry, had to vent..
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    Its a big deal but it sounds like his plans are made, maybe you mom didn't want him to feel bad?
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    Aww, I'm sorry to hear they won't be attending this important event for you. My sister didn't go to my 8th grade graduation and I went to hers, but I wasn't really mad about it. Just think of the people who don't have anyone going...

    But you're right to be mad, they shouldn't have annoyed you about going your brother's graduation if he didn't care, and he shouldn't be such a hypocrite about it.

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    It will be YOUR day no matter who is or isn't there. Enjoy it and have a great time! It IS a big deal so make sure you enjoy every moment of it!

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    Oh, sweetheart, don't be bummed out, okay? Your graduation day is a huge accomplishment for you, and you should be proud. But it will be a busy, busy day as well, and you likely wouldn't be able to see much of them if they all came, anyway. Take lots of pictures, have a grand time, and if you want, make 'em throw you a party when they get back home!

    It's not like OSU is a teeny school - how many are in your graduating class? My Dad missed my older siblings' college graduations because of work, but I got to go in his place. They both graduated from what is now UMass Lowell - and Ma and I sat in the stands and tried to figure out which of the sections of graduated was which, and to see if we could spot my brother, and then my sister, in their caps and gowns. Dad was only able to attend my college graduation - and it was "in a sweaty gym with an oompah band playing" - not quite the pomp and circumstance and spectacle of the University graduations!
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    Ok I admit I was overreacting.. I have no idea how big my graduating class will be. It will be a two hours something ceremony and after that it's out to dinner, that's about it. What I would've liked to do is to drink after the ceremony, haha. Just to have to sit through it just to get my diploma.
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    I feel this Graduation Day should & will be a Very Important Special Day to You.. You have worked hard for this Bigg Day.. I am sorry that your family does not see it this away.. Yes its normal to want to cut loose & have a drink afterwards for relaxation.. Please Do Not Drink & Drive..

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    Well, I can understand having your feelings a little bruised, but like
    Karen said, with so many people there & your own excitement about
    graduating, you probably wouldn't notice who was there & who wasn't.

    Early congratulations on your big day.
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    Rachel, I think it's a couple of the comments that have been made that are really bothering you. Not just comments but prior situations. I don't think your family intended to hurt you but that's the way it sounded to you.

    Your graduation is as big as it gets, in my eyes. Weddings, etc. are big too but a college graduation is such a huge accomplishment. You can never be wrong in thinking it's a big deal. Believe me, it's a big deal to your family too.

    I agree with others. Your brothers may not be there physically but in spirit. You'll be so excited and happy, you probably won't think about it. Things happen like this all the time and can't be avoided. Try not to let it bother you too much and get out there and enjoy yourself!! You deserve it!! You've worked really hard for this. I know I'm super proud of you.

    p.s. Just think, your future husband will be there.

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    It'll all work out. The people who should be there will be there. I, for one, think your graduation is a very big deal and I hope you have the time of your life and enjoy your accomplishment. It's major!

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    I totally understand how you feel. I just graduated last November to what I'm calling the most lack luster college graduation ever. My family who originally planned on coming, wasn't able after all as life had gotten in the way. My mom and on were the only ones from my family who was there. I cried the entire time because I was so sad about my dad missing it (he passed away). But, like Medusa said, the people who should've been there were there for me and I'm sure my dad was watching from above.

    Try to enjoy it because it truly is a HUGE accomplishment. It is, after all YOUR day. Oh, and last but certainly not least, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


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