I have a 7 year old or so Calico kitty named Sadie. My family rescued her from a rescue center "Green Hill" when she was just 10wks. Her mom had gotten caught in the ingintion of a car when she was just 2wks. She had died. The old owner brought all the brothers and sisters. At the time I was like 5 or 6. I had a kitty. She was a grey 17yr. old named Sally. She was terribly ill. Wouldn't drink or eat. Sleeps too much. And she had cancer. But I didn't know that cause I was so young. My dad had put her down the day I got Sadie. So when Sally passed, I went into the center and looked at older cats. I saw this beautiful white, blue eyed cat. But I wanted a younger cat. So, right when I was about to leave, I saw this adorable multi-colored, baby kitten. Her name was Rita but I changed it to Sadie. She has a wonderful life with me and I adore her so much! She's my baby! She loves to cuddle with me and kiss me. She likes to play with feathers and she's full of life. She is so beautiful, Sadie is the best kitty and best friend ever! But one thing that annyoys me so much! At night she likes to go into her litter box and dump her dump, and then she kicks the litter and it wakes me up! But I adore her. She's attached to me alot! SADIE IS THE BEST CAT! AND THAT'S HER STORY!