Good morning beautiful Keelin! A very, very happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet angel! We're in tears, reading of your sad beginnings. I don't understand the mentality of humans who could allow animals to suffer as you and your companions did. Heartfelt thanks to all of those caring souls responsible for rescuing you (and all of the other creatures as well) from such horrific, unspeakable abuse. To think you had to be taught to perform the most basic activities of daily living is simply horrifying. But thanks to your rescuers, and most of all your wonderful family, you're finally living the good life, whole and healthy once more, in body and spirit; enjoying and reveling in each and every moment of life! Your capacity to love and trust, to feel such joy, despite the unimaginable abuse you suffered, is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the canine! How all of the doggies and humans at the doggie park must love being welcomed by you, the offical greeter! Beautiful Keelin, friend to all things living! Congratulations to you sweet, precious Keelin! Enjoy your much deserved day of honor, and each and every moment of your beautiful new life! Hugs and kisses to you, sweetheart!