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Come to think of it, we haven't heard from Medusa (Mary) in a while. I'll try to pm her, hope all is well with her.
Hi everyone,
I had my surgery on June 4 and I'm still on restriction. I had a bone graft done on my jaw again but the infection in the bone was so bad that it had spread to my throat and tongue. So the surgeon had to cut away part of my tongue underneath and I was on strong antibiotics and have just finished them. I haven't been allowed to eat hot or hard foods, can't work out, can't lift or bend (that one is difficult b/c I just do it automatically b/c I've lived alone for so long). I'll need another surgery in 4-6 months and hopefully that will be it for a loooong time. The side benefit is that I've lost weight and can get into pants that I had practically given up on. The antibiotic took most of my appetite away and after being told all the diet restrictions, I'd just as soon not eat anyhow. I have to gag down Ensure w/my vitamins daily so I consider that a meal. When I'm off restriction, I'm going to eat a whole bag of peanuts. LOL The dr. told me to stock up on popsicles, eat lots of room temp. vegetable soup and oatmeal. I used to LOVE oatmeal but it's going to be a long time before I eat it again. As for the veg. soup, I don't like luke warm anything, so I passed on that.

Thanx for thinking of me. It's nice to be missed. I check in occasionally and I'm on Facebook to keep up w/my nieces and nephews but that's about it. I hope all is well w/you and your furkids. My Fur Posse is doing fine, thankfully. I had several home improvement projects I wanted to get done but my ins. co. considers my surgery to be elective (yeah, who needs a jaw anyhow) so I had to pay cash for it. That hurt more than the surgery did so I've put the home improvement projects on hold. "The Boy" and I have been saving for a trip to Italy, so we may have to move that up for another year. Ah well, that's the least of my troubles. I just want good health!

So take care, everyone, and I'll be back soon.