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Thread: Rufus

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    Handsome Rufus, I would be most happy to have you sit in my lap while I rubbed you ears. It sounds like heaven to me! I could even provide you with the odd toilet roll. How would you like a little trip?

    Congratulations on your day of honour.

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    Who could resist

    A blue-eyed orange cat?

    Rufus, you are a splendid example of catness and should have an adoring line a mile long worshiping you.
    Leonard Migliore

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    Thank you for your comments about Rufus

    I just discovered this forum, and wanted to thank you all for your nice comments about Rufus being cat of the day on February 16, 2009. Some of you mentioned his eyes being blue, and it's funny but it kind of depends on the light--sometimes they are green, sometimes gold, and sometimes blue. Our latest activity is playing horse, when he rides on my back--a little uncomfortable for me but he likes it. Thank you again for all your kind thoughts, and here is Rufus' site with photos and a few videos:

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