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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    I just saw this section, sorry I didn't introduce myself sooner.

    My name is Susan. I have 7 cats... you have already heard about Leo(short haired grey kitty) and Snickers(long haired black kitty with just a touch of white). The other 5 cats are...Archie, short haired grey and white and his littermate Gina also grey and white but more grey, Vinnie, long haired muted Tortie, more tan than dark, then Sally,a siamese and Cora, a calico and I call them all looney or goofy

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    Welcome! I never did actual post in introductions, so it seems you're not penalized for late or non-existent introductions!

    Enjoy the chats and photos!

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    Welcome to the crew!


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