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Thread: kidney stone in older cats bladder

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    kidney stone in older cats bladder

    Dear readers,

    I have recently learned that my 15 year old cat had a calcium stone in his bladder, they say it is to large to pass and it will have to be surgically removed. The total cost will be a big burden on our family. Other than this he is in relatively good health. If anyone else has seen this problem and can give me advice on my best move it would be greatly appriciated.


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    I have a cat who gets urinary blockages because of crystals. My vet said they are struvite crystals. My cat is 5 and I control this with meds and diet. So far, so good. I was told by her that when cats get older, they can develop calcuim stones in their bladder, so it's not uncommon. I would let my cat have the surgery and talk to your vet about making payments. My vet was fine with that. My Ming's condition can run me a thousand dollars every time it flares up and there is no way I could pay that or more at one time. Most vets have that sign in their office that says you have to pay at the time of service, but if it is a large amount, most will work with you. After your cat's surgery, follow whatever the vet says to do. That is the best way to keep them healthy.

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    Here's a link to a service that might help - - they will fund non-routine surgeries; they need a note from the vet that they will work with imom.

    Good luck! Please keep us posted.
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    I completely forgot about CareCredit. They financed about $500 for one of Ming's surgeries. I paid that off to them and then he got sick again and I maxed out my CareCredit again! Right now, I'm just starting to pay them back and it's only $15 per month. I would definitely look into that.

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