Happy Cat of the Day to you, beautiful Buzz! Talk about being "joined at the hip!" Oh, what a precious photo of you snuggled up with your fursib, darling Omry!Now that's what I call sisterly love! I so enjoyed reading your Mom's love filled tribute to her beautiful girl, to her entire furry crew! What an inspirational, life affirming tale of rescue on so many levels! Your humans are truly special, opening up their home and hearts to so many deserving ones in need of a forever family! And what a priceless payback for their selflessness...being blessed each and every day with your (and your sibs) unconditional love and loyal companionship! Congratulations to you on your big day, beautiful Buzz! What a most deserving honoree you are! Hope you and the entire furry gang are spoiled to the max today, treated to all your hearts desire, and more! Love and cuddles to you Buzz, and to Omry, Fleece and Squiggy too, of course!