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Thread: Cat Poop Color

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    Cat Poop Color

    MS Kitty is about 5 years old and doesn't like to go outside at all. She is kind of a weird cat... but we love her all the same....

    Today she went to her litter box and pooped yellow something I have never noticed before... she always (i know this is nasty) squirted on the floor beside it ... she keeps going over there and I am not sure what is wrong... My kids have had a stomach virus ???? Do you think she could have gotten it or do you think its worst like worms or something....

    Please help this is our first cat????


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    Please call your vet about this. If you don't have one, get one. Call friends who have pets and ask them who they recommend.

    If you can get a 'fresh' sample, take it in to the vet. Use a clean sandwich baggy on your hand like a glove, and pick some up wearing the 'baggy glove'. Then peel off the 'glove' and tie the top tightly.

    Please keep us posted on how your kitty is doing.
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    Your post indicates TWO problems that REQUIRE vet attention.

    1) your cat apparenly always uses the area in FRONT of the litterbox instead of going in it.

    2) Yellow is NOT a normal color for poop.

    Please see your vet ASAP and keep us posted as to what they say.

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    I agree w/both replies. Please let us know what your vet said and how your kitty is doing.

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    They're right. She could be sick, or might have eaten something that wasn't good for her. Definitely schedule a vet appointment, and bag up a fresh sample as Catty1 explained.

    Please keep us posted! And we'd love to see a picture of your kitty, too.

    Love, Columbine

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