I'm surprised there aren't more pet ambulance services out there. It really is a wonderful idea.

In my research I have found pet taxis but very few pet ambulance services that offer 24 hour emergency travel service that are also equipped with life saving gear like oxygen tanks, etc.. I've only found 1 service in Chicago. Isn't that wild? It's not like I live in the boonies either. Living in a major metropolitan city one would think there would be unlimited choices, but I guess not.

The 1 service I did find told me that it could take 1 to 2 hours to get to me because his service is located on the opposite side of the city. I'm very concerned about that time difference. In an emergency 1 or 2 hours is a huge difference!! I don't know. I wish I could ask a neighbor but unfortunately most of my neighbors are afraid of my BooBoo and the ones who aren't are women just as petite as me.