THUD!!!!! I'm sorry Roxy. That was just me falling on the floor after seeing your PRECIOUS FACE appear on my monitor this morning! All of the hearts in this household are beating just a little faster because of your appearance. You have two very excited poodles here too who just couldn't wait for me to start this thread so that they could bark you a big CONGRATULATIONS! Can you hear them all the way in Arkansas?

Now that I have caught my breath I would love to congratulate you too! I started my love affair with poodles 30+ years ago with one toy poodle which led to two and, well, I am hooked. Your person wrote a wonderful bio about you and I can just imagine your precious little self guarding your yard. I am not surprised to hear that you make an excellent nurse too Roxy. I just bet your human might have faked that illness to get to spend some one-on-time quality time with you. I would have! Lots of love to you always Roxy sweetie, our precious little Dog of the Day! *kiss* *kiss*