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Thread: Cute Sox

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    Cute sox

    Hi-for anyone who doesn't know sox (or socks) was also ex-president bill clinton's family cat-a tuxedo i think. Fyi-----happy cat of the day sox! These pictures of you are adorable probably all gray tabby. You're pretty any way. Your red blanket/bed looks so soft and warm-you're warm like a bug in a rug.(but never a flea!!! Oh heck no!) have fun today-and tonight to-love susanswatlin518

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    Sweetie Sox!

    Sox, you have to be one of the cutest kitties I have ever seen. How could some evil person have ever abandoned you? Well, you have a loving home now and that is what is important! By the way, you make a most lovely catloaf!

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    Sox... are a precious lil' pretty thing! Kudos on finding a good home!

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