We know it's really early for us to be starting this thread. After seeing your picture and reading your story, we just can't wait. We are in shock that you were such a short time away from the unthinkable!!! We agree with your human. Who would get a beautiful boy like you and leave you like that??? It is breaking our hearts in two to imagine what might have happened, and.......you're just a puppy!! It's disgusting!! Why oh why can't people wise up and stop being so stupid?
On to something happier. You are the most adorable Corgi boy!! We're drooling all over the keyboard just looking at you. We're so thrilled that you have found your forever family. It's a known fact that you will do everything you can to heal their hearts. Kisses to you , sweetheart. Congrats on being our DOTD and we hope the celebration is non stop. Happiness always!!!!!!

Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida