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Thread: What would you get if you mixed ? with ?........

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    OK-- I was just cruising a Corgi rescue site and almost every dog they had was a Corgi mix with something. One of their success stories was a Corgi and a Greyhound!!!!! Body of a corgi and the brindle of a greyhound!!!

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    Well, I've seen some really cute mixes, but there's a purebred that beats most of them, it is the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. It looks like a mix between a Basset Hound and an Irish Wolfhound. They're really cute. I have had an Australian Cattle Dog mix that my eldest and I have debated about for some time. She says the other part was Dalmation, I say German Short-haired Pointer, but the girl we got her from said Cattle Dog/Beagle. She was very striking looking and led us to get into the Cattle Dog breed. We also have a Jack Russell Terrier Mix and I say the other part is Pug due to the girth size of her barrel. I love mixed breeds.

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    My parents found a beagle mixed pup in the middle of a hi-way during a snow storm. My mother was 7 months pregnant with me. They rescued the dog and named him Lucky. Lucky was with us for almost 16 years and that was the best pet we had. He was extremely devoted to my family. Once my father (who is hard of hearing) went for a walk in the woods with Lucky. Lucky started barking but my father couldn't see what the dog was barking at. He tried to continue down the path but Lucky grabbed his pant leg and began tugging. My father then knew something was wrong and looked around more closely. There in the path ahead was a huge rattlesnake! My father didn't hear the warning rattles and surely would have been bitten had he continued. I currently have a Basset/Lab mix. Solid black with a lab head and a Basset body. He's very active, loves the water, and is a great, but sometimes annoying, companion to my pug!

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    Lucky sounds like he was one very special dog.
    It must have been fate on that hi-way that night that your mom came upon him.
    It just amazes me what some dogs can do.

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    Aren't dogs great...they will lay their lives down for you without even thinking about it. My vote is for our dog Tigger...he's a Husky/Pitbull mix.

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    i have a bassett/collie heis 7monthes old he is one of the best looking dogs i have ever seen and is admired and petted wherever wego

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    My neighbor has a chihuahua and dachsund mix! A chiweenie! He is actually very adorable!
    Originally posted by teena:
    The strangest I have seen was a rottie/basset mix. So ugly he was cute!

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    Chihuahua and Dachsund! Chiweenie!

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    my neighbor has a chaweenie, he has along body with a chahuaua head. he is all black

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    We have had many mixed breeds on Dog of the Day, but the one that stands out in my mind as an unlikely combination was the Shih Tzu/ Golden Retriever mix, Maxwell - see . Some people thought he was so cute, they wrote us asking where they could get one just like him! A lot of mixed breeds, of course, come from shelters and have that mysterious past, so we guess!
    So I think my uncles female Golden Retriever and my male Shih Tzu had relations, do you happen to have more photos and videos of Maxwell playing? Pictures of him when hes a puppy and when he's fully grown?

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    Mixed breed litters can have puppies who's looks range from 100% mom or 100% dad or any mix inbetween. That's why there is no predicting if designer breeds like the labradoodle will shed or not. You really could make a chart of the likelihood of the looks of a mix based on the genetics of the parents and which traits are dominant or recessive.

    I think most dalmatian mixes have a lot of black. The spots turn into patches a lot rather than the nicely pronounced purebred spots.

    As for beagle/spaniel mixes, they are very popular and still don't come out consistant in size, shape, color, or coat.
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