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Thread: I'm back..

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    I'm back..

    Hello fellow Pettalkers! To those who remember me from afew years ago I was cocker_luva. I have lost contact for those years and finally have come back. Since then my beloved Jesse the cocker spaniel died last august, she was just shy of her 14th birthday. I did adopt my own dog from a local shelter, her name is Kiera Fae and she is a full-blooded Black and Tan Coonhound, she just turned 2 years old this New Years 09. i am newly divorced from the man i was with for the past 5 years. we grew apart, which happens to everyone, we are still friends which im grateful for. i still have my wonderful ball python Jada Pirie who will be 3 in may. except now she wont eat because she didnt full shed the skin on her eyes. so she gets regular warm baths and daily sprayed with a nutrient solution. she killed her last mouse but wouldnt eat it, so if u have any advise PLEASE let me know.

    ill be posting more later

    Kiera the day i got her - May 07

    Kiera waiting for food

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    Welcome back!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Welcome Back!I remember you and your crew.
    Sorry to hear about Jessie.She lived a wonderful life with you.
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
    Rest in Peace my Sweet Hammie Zoey
    Jan 1,09-March 26,2010

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    Hi and Welcome Back!!!! I'm so sorry you lost Jesse. I hope you'll be coming back to the board and posting regularly again.

    Kiera is adorable and a sweetie pie. Good luck with your python.

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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