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    Jolly Jax

    Hi there cutie. You sure do look like a happy pup. I'm so glad you have siblings to run and play with and burn off some of that boundless energy. Hope you are enjoying your day today and the very special honor of being DOTD. I have a feeling that you'll be getting extra belly rubs and treats too! Myndi and Sparky are sending out a big woof to you from their home here in Delaware!
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    Congratulations and happy Dog of the Day to you, adorable, darling, smilin' Jolly Jax! Oh, you are one precious pupper, sweetheart...look at the BIG smile! No big surprise to learn that if was you and your joyful, lovable self who converted your people to doggie lovers for life! As your peeps have discovered, the rewards of doggie companionship and guardianship, the unconditional love you grace our lives with, are priceless...enter Muffin!!! And extra kudos to you sweetheart, for welcoming your best pup pal Muffin into your home and heart with open paws, helping her to adjust to her new home after her great loss! You're the best!!!

    Hope you and your furry sibs, Muffin and the kitties, have already kicked off your big day on center stage, celebrating your well earned reign as Pet Talk's "top dog" in high style! Make sure the humans give you and your sibs lots and lots of hugs and kisses, belly rubs and snuggles, for me!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    You are such a sweet cutie! Enjoy your 'Doggie Day!'

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    congratulations jax on your special day
    your such a beauty

    Thank You Kim for this wonderful siggy

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power ,the world will know peace" jimi hendrix

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    Hi Adorable Jax !!!!

    Such a cutie pie you are!! Kudos to your person for getting such a great shot of you. You're obviously a born camera ham and ready for posing at any moment. We loved reading about your relationship with Muffin. We would love to observe you kissing her. Awwwwwww........can you please tell your loving family to give you some kisses from us to celebrate your honor today? Congrats on being our handsome DOTD, Jax!!! We hope the biscuits are flowing at your place and you're getting all the attention. Happiness to all of you always!!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Bright, Sunny, Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Hi Jax,

    You sure look like a happy pup. I love the picture of you laughing.
    It is so sweet of you to look after Muffin & make her feel at home. Big
    congratulations going out to you today on being chosen for special honors
    as our DOG OF THE DAY. Lots of hugs,belly rubs & kisses too sweet boy.
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    Hello Jax --

    What a happy face in your photo! I think you must enjoy life, every moment of it, lol. And such a good boy, helping out dear Muffin. Your family is SO fortunate to have you in their lives. And they know it, which is really fantastic! Happy Dog of the Day to you!

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