I'm thinking about this since I read in an article that our domestic cats - unlike their wild African ancestors - are obviously not aware of themselves since they do not recognize their reflection in a mirror. They would either ignore it or look behind the mirror to see the "other cat" standing there (this is what my Katz used to do), while the wild ones would spent some time to look at themselves (my Luna is doing this sometimes, even though she is a domestic one!). However, this made the scientists think that our cats are not aware of their own self as a person/being, and I'm wondering if this is right.

Do you think a cat is able to think about itself as a person, is thinking about itself in terms like "I", "me" and "mine"? Is a cat able to think anyway? Does it for example think "I want this now!" or is it only feeling that it wants something and reacts that way, only to its insticts?

I'm pretty sure that there IS something going on in their little heads, they are coming up with ideas, they are learning, and they have emotions. But do they realize they are happy or sad, or do they just feel it?

Sharing my life with a cat, I would really like to know how it is to be her! Was anyone else here ever wondering about these things? What are your thoughts?