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Thread: Christmas Flame - uppydate on #27

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    What a terrific update. It sounds like SHE has a great home now.
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    Oh Debbie, this is great news! No doubt little Flame has settled in and can relax in her new home. I love that she's behaving like a kitten again - and I hope we'll get to see some pictures soon.

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    Bless you for caring enough to give sweet, adorable little Flame the chance to have a life filled with love and caring. She sure is the sweetest little thing. It sounds like she has settled in quite nicely and is enjoying her kittenhood. How great to know that she's in such a good home and is thriving. In time I'm sure Flame will be a real little love muffin. I also have no doubt that she will be forever thankful to you for saving her from danger and uncertainty. You did good!

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    This is wonderful news. Hopefully we'll be able to see some updated pictures of her.
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