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    Christmas Flame - uppydate on #27

    Our neighbors noticed this little sweetie while they were out for their morning walk. They tried to catch him but he ran. They told me about him and I got my patience out and sat with some bologna to try to lure him in. His hunger won out over his fear and after about an hour - and feeling like my arm was disconnected from my shoulder from being outstretched and unmoving for so long - he finally let me get two hands close enough to grab him. Once I grabbed him he didn't fight at all, just started snuggling and purring, poor little baby.

    I have no idea how he got here, but he was hiding underneath an unoccupied motorhome. The rescue group I took him to says they think he can't be more than 10 weeks old, and the poor little guy was just skin and bones when I grabbed him. I named him Flame because it appears he is Flame point Siamese. As you can see, he has the sweetest little face and it was very difficult for me to part with him, but knowing he is in good hands now made it a little easier. By the time I gave him up, he would push his head into my hand and arch his back against it when I reached into the carrier. The rescue lady says he is doing well, and he had no fear when her cats and dogs surrounded the carrier wondering who the new kid was.

    He will have a great life from now on and his flame will burn on.
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