Do any of you find that your cats have a favorite object??? I have to say object because Paris is incrediably attached to a green string? She carries it everywhere? I have found her carrying it around the house, taking naps with it? And lately she has been taking and giving it to me to sleep with??? I was sleeping on our couch one night and she jumps up with her green string and she carefully places it in my arm and the side of my body. And she was off to explore the house as most of them do at night. I finally started to fall asleep and I felt her jump up ever so slightly as to not wake me....I didn't want to act like I knew she was there cause then she thinks its time to play. All I felt was a little tug so she wouldn't wake me and she was off with her green string? Probably cause it was time for bed?? Does anyone else have a feline with an attachment to something? I find this really remarkable since it reminds me so much of something a little kid would have like a security blanket?