You sure are one pretty kitty!!

This little tiger is Carter - a recent addition to our family. He's a six-month old creamsicle tabby with the most beautiful eyes. Notice how they match his coat perfectly.
Indeed, your eyes do match your coat beautifully - and all together you are one handsome Cream kitty! Rescued, huh? We're clapping (or clawpping) over here for your survivability of being all left alone.. poor little kitty! But, now you have a nice safe home!!

Misty here..

Like any respectable six-month old kitten, Carter's energy levels exceed normal limits and playtime is of the highest priority-unless it's dinner time.
Ooo, yes! Playtime is the best time of all, huh? Mom calls me a fat kat because I eat so much. I think that's quite rude!! You're a very pretty kitty. Congratulations on CotD, hun!!