Hi there cutie pie, Whiskers! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart! Awww, what a darling, adorable rattie boy you are; so handsome, and so sweet and loving! I was so touched reading all about you and your happy, love filled life, Whiskers! Every rattie deserves a home as special as yours, a guardian as devoted as yours! But today it's you who is the star, and we're honored to crown you our very special, most deserving honoree! What a lucky person, having a loyal and loving companion like you in her/his life, and I wish for you many more happy years together! ! Hope you and your family are enjoying an extra special, fun and love filled day of celebration Whiskers, and that your person will pass along some cuddles and kisses, and a yummy cracker and some Rice Krispies to you, from me! Congratulations, adorable Whiskers!