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    Noble Nikki

    Wow, Nikki!
    I received my CGC.
    You sure are quite an amazing puppy! Beautiful, too! I've always had a heart for little Pommies like you -- even though I have never owned one myself. But you are VERY beautiful & quite adorable at that, too! I'm sure you are your mommy's(or daddy's) Doggy of the Day everyday! Congratulations on our big DOTD, babe!

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    Nikki....When I saw that pretty little face of your's this morning it put
    a big smile on my face. You are so cute. And very smart. You will make
    a great therapy dog. Everybody will just love you. Congratulations on DOTD.
    A Dog Lover

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    My goodness Nikki - you certainly are a smart girl - soooo many accomplishments and soon to be a therapy dog too. I personally can't think of any better therapy than to be visited by a beautiful little fuzzy-wuzzy like you. I'm sure you'll bring a lot of smiles to a lot of folks. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your special spot as DOTD today, as I'm sure you're DOTD every day at your house!!

    p.s. - Myndi just loves your hair style - maybe I'll have to try it out on her.
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    Well, hello there, pretty girl. You sure do sound like you keep very busy, Nikki. I bet you keep your family smiling and on their toes. Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very deserving Dog of the Day.

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    Wow, Miss Nikki! CGC, fashion model, therapy dog and pack supervisor! You are busy and beautiful! Happy Dog of the Day to you! (P.s., if you could ask your mom to register you and your pack for Pet Talk, I for one would like you to join us so we can stay in the loop on all you are doing!)
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    Happy Dog of the Day Nikki! In addition to the many most impressive accomplishments your Mom has already mentioned, add doggie model! Now that's a professional shot, and you sweetheart are definitely calendar girl material! But you know, pretty girls are a dime a dozen, but a pretty girl with smarts and a heart, priceless! Your Mommy, your family is so very lucky to have a pup as special as you in their lives! And extra kudos to you Nikki for attaining your CGC! Oh, what joy and smiles you'll be dispensing to those in need of some furry cheer as you embark on your therapy career! Your Mom is so very proud of you and rightfully so, sweetheart! Hope you and your pack are enjoying your big day on the big stage, having a blast celebrating your well earned day of honor! Bunches of hugs and kisses to you, precious Nikki!

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    Hello Nikki,

    You are a beauiful pup Nikki. My dog Maggie has a BBF right next door,
    a fluffy Pom girl named Tammi and she looks like you. It's a pleasure to
    meet such a charming, talented pup. Big congratulations on being honored
    as our DOG OF THE DAY. Hugs & kisses sweetie
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    Hi Nikki !!!

    What a little cutie pie you are, Nikki!!! We can't let another minute pass without saying hi. You do look like a puppy. We can tell you're a very busy girl too. It's our pleasure to meet you, sweetheart!!! Congrats on being our DOTD!!! Please tell the family to give you extra kisses to celebrate from us in Florida--some for all the crew please. Happiness always!!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Brrrrrrr Florida

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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