I need help deciding whether or not to get a German Shepherd. Can anybody help? I'll tell you a little bit about me, and any GSD owners out there can help me decide!

I have a large house with a large dog run and a big front porch attached to the run which my dog loves to go under for shelter. A previous dog, unfortunately, was able to dig her way out of the dog run - and I live on a busy street, so you can imagine what happened. So I can't have a digger.

I love my Sheltie, Jake, because he's an extremely quick learner and very obedient, and a lot of fun to play catch with. But he's kind of lazy and a walk with him is more like a "drag". He would walk a burglar right through the house, and he hates car rides!

I'd like a dog as smart and obedient as Jake, who will play catch and frisbee but who won't welcome an intruder. Jake worships the ground I walk on - and I'd like to have another dog with that quality!

I do live in town, and I've heard that GSDs can be very territorial. While I would never let a dog out with a leash, my biggest worry about getting a GSD is that he would get out and bite somebody.

Any thoughts? Questions? Advice?