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Thread: We need help

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    We need help

    We have to get rid of our sealpoint siamese. Our new landlord said no pets allowed. We are devistated to have to do this.
    She is 3 years old. Not spayed or declawed. Very affectionate and gets along great with all people.

    If you know of someone who can take care of her please call us ASAP as we are being charged $20.00 a day to keep her.
    Sorry I forgot. She is free.

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    Is this a change in policy in a place you already lived? Is there a case that you could ask her to be grandfathered clause in? Where do you live - city/state. Have you contacted Siamese Rescue groups?

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    It is a new place we moved into. Where can I find siamese rescue groups

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    It would help us to help you if we knew where you were located.
    Here is a link for Siamese Rescue.
    They have several locations around the United States.
    Do you have a photo of your cat that you could post here?
    I would love to see her and someone else may see her and fall in love and want to adopt her.
    I recently got two Siamese cats of my own so I know what wonderful cats they are.
    Good luck in finding her a new home.
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    We are located in Edmonton Alberta CANADA

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    here is a list of shelters and rescues in Alberta, I would contact the cat rescues listed, there is one in Calgary
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    Aww - that's sad that you can't keep her. If I lived closer, I would take her in a minute!! I love Meezers and I really miss my 3 RB terrors! I'm sure you'll find a wonderful home for her. Good luck!
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