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Thread: To all mutt owner's, mixed breed owner's, etc.

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    To all mutt owner's, mixed breed owner's, etc.

    I created a website specifically for these dogs. It's called Mutt of the Day. It was obviously inspired by Dog of the Day, only I put a little specification making it only for mutts, mixed breeds, designer breeds, etc. I just find these breeds very interesting. Please check it out and tell me what you think. Also, to Karen and Paul, I'd like to hear what you both think as well. Would there be anything you'd want me to change or eliminate?

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    That's really neat! Shawnee is a cutie!
    Owned by two little pastries!


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    You should have a link that links back to Pet Talk.

    Other than that, it looks really nice.
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    Thank you for asking, we will take a look at your site. We don't discriminate against anyone based on breeding - mutts, purebreds, and everything in between are welcome and have been Dog of the Day! After all, Shawnee herself was Dog of the Day in April - see here! We believe every dog is special.

    Hey, it's not like I could discriminate based on breeding - I am a good ol' American Mutt myself and have at least ten known nationalities in my family tree - that I KNOW of! I am glad you have a special place in your heart for mutts.

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