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Thread: Overdue thanks and hello to everyone!

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    Overdue thanks and hello to everyone!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Pat, and I have two wonderful, obstreperous, unbelievably beautiful Siamese cats named Linus and Lucy. Linus is a lilac point and Lucy is a blue point. As you can tell, Iím completely objective., and not al all prejudiced about them.

    They are now almost 11 months old. Some of you may remember us from when I found this forum for the first time and asked (begged, pleaded) for help to find a way to keep them from breaking through the screens on our lanai (thatís a silly Florida word for screened porch,) and also from climbing up into the mechanism of my husbandís recliner. The screens were a critical problem for us, because we live in the middle of the Everglades, and if they do get out, they would quickly fall prey to alligators or panthers!

    I got tons of really good advice, all of which I tried. We finally bought a plastic rug protector, the kind you use if you want to have an office chair run around on a rug. If you turn one over, you find these little plastic spikes. We cut the thing into strips and hot glued them spike side up onto the base of the screen. It worked until Linus figured he could reach over the spikes to head-butt the screen. Now we have a pretty little lattice fence, about 18Ē high, around the base of the screens. That seems to have solved the problem. Thank you everyone for your help.

    We had two other Siamese for many years. We got them when we first retired, and found our empty nest a bit too empty. Although we had always had barn/alley cats, this was our first experience with indoor cats. We lived in the Florida Keys then, so their names were Harry and Bess, because the Trumanís loved the Keys. Bess was a lilac point, and Harry a magnificent, sixteen pound Seal point.

    We lived on the fifth floor then, looking out over the Florida Straits, and they loved nothing more that sitting on the balcony and watching the pelicans fly by. Bess died of renal failure, and Harry left us very quickly thereafter. His heart and spirit were broken when he lost Bess, and he would wander around all night long, screaming for her. He never adjusted to her loss.

    After he left to go find her, we vowed never to have pets again. So, two years later, here we are! Our life just wasnít the same without soft, furry creatures to love and worry about.

    We do have one more problem Iíd like to discuss with you all. Linus and Lucy have chronic rhinotracheitis. We and the vet have been struggling with it for several months. Iíll start a separate thread about it in a few days. Your wisdom will be appreciated and, Iím sure, enlightening.

    Iíll try to thumbnail some pictures for you. Thank you, Webmaster, for maintaining this wonderful forum. I know Iíll enjoy many happy hours here.

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    Lucy and Linus

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