Our mom takes us to her work pretty often, usually we just get to hang out or play with my buddy Shiloh. Not this day...this was from last month...I hear rumors it will be happening again soon too. Any advice on getting out of this torture? I've tried rolling in some good smelling stuff outside, hoping that would be a pleasant enough odor to prolong the baths, but that seems to make them come sooner.

Nebo went first, he's too good about it, doesn't even make a sound of protest. Sometimes I worry he may even enjoy it.

Though I think this face tells otherwise

Yes he's all pretty and fluffy, no he doesn't want a hug

If you can't tell, this is NOT my happy face

I tried calling for help, but nobody came

I suppose I do look pretty after that...but is beauty worth that price? As a husky, I say no.