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Thread: Need help re: Dog Collars

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    Need help re: Dog Collars

    Hi everyone

    I was wondering if you very lovely people would be able to help me out by answering me a question or two:

    Do you buy dog collars based on the type of 'work' your dog does? I.e., if you have a rottweiler who you use (primarily as a pet but) as a guard dog, what type of collar would you buy for it? And why?

    Or, would you buy a collar based on your dog's breed?

    Or, if neither of the above, do you buy collars based on what you like or what you think suits your dog?

    And lastly, how often do you buy collars for your dog/s?

    Thanks very much
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    I buy collars because they are cute.

    I buy new ones when the old ones get eaten.
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    I buy them because they are cute too. And it doesn't even make a difference because Zoee's hair covers it up anyway.
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    I buy rolled leather collars for the huskies. I buy them for functional purposes. They are hardy, strong, and durable and they don't tangle the fur as much as some other collars. You can't see collars under all their fur anyway so I don't bother buying "cute" collars. Plus I don't like snap collars for them with the risk of them running away. Skya has a cute snap collar right now because she's small and her fur is shorter, when she's older she'll get a rolled leather. Sydney gets all kinds of collars, I buy hers just based on if I like the way the collar looks on her. She probably gets 2-3 new ones per year. Nebo has had the same collar for around 4-5 years, I think I'll get him a new one soon (but its still in great shape...its Hamilton brand if anyone is wondering). Keva has had hers for about a year and a half...I need to get her a new one too, I bought it a little big when she was about 6 months old thinking she'd grow into it but she never did. It's not as well made as the Hamilton one either.

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    Hamilton Leather Collars >>>

    Quote Originally Posted by wolf_Q View Post

    I buy rolled leather collars for the huskies.

    Hamilton brand if anyone is wondering.
    Hamilton Products, Inc.
    Ocala, FL

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    I have an obbession with fancy collars lol, I buy new collars when one catches my eye and I can afford it. and type of collars depends on it I like it or not. I usually go for Martingale but thats mostly because the collars that catch my eye are usually martingales. I dont usually choose the collar for the dog, I usually pick the collars and Like and give it to the dog it suits best, the exeption is Rustys martingale which is just thin and plain, that one was chosen very specific for him, thin and plain so that I would not have to removed his collar(and consiquently his tags) when he wears his e-collar.
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    I buy collars either for function, or just because I like they way they look. Usually the latter - I get bored easily with just one collar, so when I see one I like and have some extra money, I buy another. Not sure how often. This year I think I've bought one new collar, maybe two.

    All of my dogs wear martingales out in public, for training, etc. Keira's been alternating b/w a martingale and a prong lately for re-learning how to loose-leash walk (she's going through a phase in which she couldn't care less about any previous training or what we have to say to her). The prong's only been used these last two weeks though, and already I barely have to use it and we're about 95% back to just using her martingale.

    Around the house they all have regular collars for ID purposes. Rolled leather for Winston and Spring, flat leather for Dance at the moment, and flat nylon for Ki.

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    I try not to buy too many collars, but I can never just stick with one. I ended up picking one that looks nice on Niņo but is also very functional. It's my favorite color, which I also think looks nice on him. (Sort of the color of the Orca tank at SeaWorld) and it's some waterproof material over nylon webbing. There's an O ring in the middle, and it fastens by buckle. It also has a nameplate with his name and our address and contact info in case he gets lost. By having it on the nameplate, there's less clattering about hanging off the collar. Here is a picture.

    I have no clue what brand because I bought it at a street art fair over two years ago.

    Niņo & Eliza

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    I buy mainly for function, too. Until Taz, I have had long haired dogs, so you really couldn't see their collars that well any way. Ginger wears a martingale because she is very good at escaping from buckle/clasp collar. A martingale will tighten as she tries to wiggle her way out (then release when she stops). Taz wears a halter, because whenever I try to attach a leash to his collar he starts choking. The both also wear nylon clasp collars with their tags. Now, since I have been on Pet Talk, some of the ladies have shared many low cost collar sites, so I have found that I can afford some that are both cute/pretty and functional.

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    With Clover safety comes first, i need to walk her on something strong (no plastic buckles unless they are heavy duty). I still find very nice/ cute practical collars for her though.

    The others it does not realy matter what they wear, their coats cover them up any way . They all have too many collars though, and i am always buying more. Like the 2 i bought today .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger's Mom View Post
    Ginger wears a martingale because she is very good at escaping from buckle/clasp collar. A martingale will tighten as she tries to wiggle her way out (then release when she stops).
    We also use martingale collars, made by Premier. Each of the dogs have 2 (and they are 7 and 8 years old, so they don't get new often!). I rotate them out when they need washed.

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    Digi is wearing a 15+yr old snap collar. Its for an 80lb dog & she is 26lbs, but she seems to attrack dogs that want to rip her throat out & she wont fight back, she'll curl up into a stiff ball & scream bloody murder. So the larger collars give me enough time to get to her & rip the other dog off.

    She'll be getting a custom pink double studded spiked collar, with her name burned into it soon (when I can afford it) so that'll do a much better job then the ones shes wearing now.

    She does not provoke these dogs from attacking her, but I think its becuase shes such a scared dog (she was abused & mauled many many many times before she was 6 weeks old) around other dogs that I think it causes usually friendly dogs to attack her...

    So for me its about protecting my baby from harm

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    I got Valentine a collar with his name and phone number on it because the tag keeps falling off and even though he is chipped I am paranoid. Plus I got black with gold letters for the Steelers(for my husband) Kelley

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    My dogs only wear collars when they are off my property.. so I don't buy collars that often, as I have a bunch collected from over the years.. They are usually just plain buckle collars... nothing fancey.

    The last collar I bought was actually a show chain LOL
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    I try to buy cute collars, but I usually go for the ones that are on sale and cheap. The dogs only each have 1 or 2 collars, so I don't buy them often.

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