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Thread: help! best antivirus software?

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    help! best antivirus software?

    all right, i need some computer advice. i have windowsxp, i have the free versions of AVG8.0, ad-aware, spybot search&destroy. should i get the norton or mcafee, the hardware and install that? i'm using my computer to check my finances, i'm getting more worried about virus', spyware and other internet security issues. thanks joyce
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    I've had every virus protection you've named and then some and still viruses were able to creep in. I talked to my computer guy about it and he said none is better or worse than the other, so you may as well go w/the free stuff.

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    As Medusa said, they are all next to identical, so just layer lots of free ones on unless you want to be like me and run Linux as your primary operating system .

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    Symantec is the best for me.

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    I as well have tried all & then some.. Now I really like WebRoot & keep going back to it..

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    I used Norton/Symantec for years and never had problems until they started combining the firewall and antivirus on one disk, then it was crash city and slowed my cpu to a crawl.

    I tried a free trial download of mccaffe once and got nailed with so many pop ups (that one had no popup blocker) that it was impossible to surf the web.

    I have to use the free stuff on hubby's cpu because it's a win 98 and none of the newer antivirus/firewall software will work on his and he's had two things get through it (and that's with spybot, and avg to boot).

    I recently got the TrendMicro for my cpu and it seems to work fairly well. The only problem I'm having is an issue with my keyboard and mouse sometimes, but I just replaced my mouse so I can't be sure that isn't the problem not the TrendMicro. So far I'm happy with TrendMicro. Plus they had a Staples deal if you were switching from another antivirus company to theirs and bought at Staples you'd get a rebate. After the rebate the software only costs me $30.

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