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Thread: My old girl, Cass (and Boomdog, too)

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    My old girl, Cass (and Boomdog, too)

    I tried to get some pictures of Cassie this afternoon, but she kept walking away from me.....really wasn't in the mood for pictures, I guess....Oh well, here are a few...

    When she stands for any extended period of time, her back legs do this.....she isn't hurting and seems to walk around fine...even runs from time to time, just can't stand for very long....

    She still perks up when things happen around her...I don't know what she was looking at here.

    Here little face spots have really gotten a lot of gray the last year or so...

    Here's Boomer getting ready for the big game between Oklahoma and Texas this Saturday. He's "killing" the referee!

    He's wearing his Sooners jersey to get in the spirit!

    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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    Aww.. great pictures!
    You're the one sure thing I've found so you better stick around...
    Best Fireman in da House´10
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    Haha, Boomer made me laugh with that winning smile after attacking the referee. It's good to see Cassie. She looks like she enjoys patrolling her backyard. Good girl, Cassie.

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    I just hate to see dogs age. It is their only fault. Their lifespans are way too short. Please give Cassie some extra cuddles from me. It's good to see her having an interest in keeping your yard safe from critters. Boomer is a cutie and so gentle with his referee. Bella would have had the ref's 'innards' all over the floor.

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    Boomer is a cutie and so gentle with his referee. Bella would have had the ref's 'innards' all over the floor.

    Well, his hat has been ripped off, so it is only a matter of time before his "innards" are all over the floor, too!
    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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    Ahh, too sad to see Cassie aging. It is so hard as they grow older, can't do things like they used to, get gray. Our babies just don't live long enough.

    Boomer is certainly getting ready for the game - he is so very handsome in his jersey! Look out refs - a Boomer is being trained to get you!

    "That they may have a little peace, even the best
    dogs are compelled to snarl occasionally."
    --William Feather

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    Beautiful Cassie and handsome Boomer! It's great to see pix of these two.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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