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Thread: Clovis Nicole aka Nikki (RIP)

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    Clovis Nicole aka Nikki (RIP)

    A while back I came here asking for help and advise on dealing with an elderly (16yoa) cat going blind. We had to have her PTS. She had gotten weak, not eating, breathing was hard, not making it to the litter box....

    She didn't let her blindness slow her down in the lest. Up until a day or 2 before she took a turn for the worse she was purring and walking all over the place. Jumping up on the recliner or shelf or couch to sleep. She even went up and down the stairs! She was a charactor to the very last moment! She is missed so much. I just wanted to thank the PT folks for their input.

    I've posted a photo of Miss Nikki from last Christmas. While those things on her are actually antlers, my roomie said they look like angel wings....
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