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Thread: Just a fun one - Dog Noises

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    Just a fun one - Dog Noises

    What noise does your dog make? We have so many different doggies here, I thought this would be an interesting one.

    Our Saint Bernards had a definite "Boof!" in basso-profundo range. If they had their chin resting on the porch, it was more of a "moof"

    Gracie - when she barked, it was more of an "Oof! oof!" but she tended to not bark, but had a large vocabulary of noises she made instead, that defy any attempt at spelling ....

    I've known beagles who hoooooooooooowl, huskies who Aroooooo!, small dogs who Yip! Yip! Yip! or Kai-ai-ai!

    What do your dogs do?

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    Mickey, being a Border Collie mix w/a little retriever in her, has a huge bark for a 50 lb dog. But when she sleeps is when her true voice comes out....a little snoring, a little grunting and a little whining when she'd dreaming about that squirrel in the front yard she can never catch w/her paws moving in the air.

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    My next-door neighbors have a Yorkie puppy, Zoe. Her sound since they brought her home has been "Yep! Yep! Yep!" Today I noticed that she's added "Arf!" to her vocabulary. I thought I heard a "Ruff" or two as well. She has such a cute little bark!
    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

    "That's the power of kittens (and puppies too, of course): They can reduce us to quivering masses of Jell-O in about two seconds flat and make us like it. Good thing they don't have opposable thumbs or they'd surely have taken over the world by now." -- Paul Lukas

    "We consume our tomorrows fretting about our yesterdays." -- Persius, first century Roman poet

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    My chi Chica hardly ever makes any noise. She may bark if someone rings or knocks on the door. My chi Coco barks at all noises. I have been shushing her all the time when she just barks at anything, and when I shush her, then she makes a low moan. She also moans at Chica to play with her and wags her tail at the same time. She keeps it up until Chica runs towards Coco for a chasing game.

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    Cassie, being the typical dalmatian, talks in almost a sing song howl/bark/whine...hard to describe in words....Boomer's noise goes from the almost deafening puppy shrill yap to his trying to be brave but not so much. bark of little woofs where his mouth barely opens....
    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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    angel alex the wonder dog wasn't all that much of a barker, which when we lived in the apartment was a blessing. he would start his...get up human i need to go out now conversations with a soft snort, almost like a humans sniff, progressively louder leading into the sharp short one BARK!!!!. i cannot recall angel dukes' bark, he also wasn't much of a barker, his conversation with humans were wags and the golden nose nudges under the elbows most often. princess peanut will on occasion, and always at her choice do howls, most frequently when we come home, squealing on the cats & she is the house security dog, letting us know when the evil scotty from the around the block and her human is on the street. she also will do do drive by barking when she's in the backseat of the mobile crate.
    nice topic karen, you made me think and smile, thanks
    *as i was fixing the cats dinner i recalled dukes one and only bark....magic as a 8 week old kitten thought dukes raw food diet fish smelled very good and he jumped onto dukes food stand, as duke was trying to eat to get the fish. duke gave the only [COLOR="Red"]BARK[/COLOR ]i can recall, magic was so suprised that he fell off the stand, away from the bowl and never did any cat try that again *
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    joyce who has princess peanut, spokesdog for the catpack, mojo, magic, kira and squirty, members of the catpack, angel duke, a good dog who is missed and angel alex the wonder dog, handsome prince.

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    My sisters Lab has such a deep bark and it echoes. Definitely sounds like a "Coon" dog bark. Sounds like "woof," too me! Her Shepherd is very sweet and mostly whines (I LOVE that whine! lol). Her bark is very menicing but she is such a sweet thing!

    The dog I used to have sounded like "Are-are-are," but when she got really going it was deep and sounded more like "Bar, bar, bar, barK"

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    LOL this will be interesting trying to but all my dogs' weird sounds into readable words!

    Eli will whine/oooooowwwuuuuu when he stretches. He rraaarrrrfffs at Bunny when he wants her to play with him. He also Ppppffffts when he hears something outside. If he sees it, then he'll howl and all his little back hairs stand up. Its kind of a flat howl, not really low, but not high pitched either.

    Zeke has the ACD bark I guess, much more than the Rott in him. Its a higher pitched Arrrr Arrr Arrr. It usually comes in multiples when he sees something outside (squirrel, raccoon or another dog walking). He's learned to semi-yodel from Bunny (Ms Chattypants). When J gets home, he meets her at the door and gives one -kind of whimpy for his size- Ooooowwwwuuu.

    Bunny makes every noise under the sun. She Ooooo's, Arrrooooo's, WaaaWaaaWaaoooo's, and NomNomNom's (with her mouth moving like she's chewing LOL). She does a lot of Ooo's, and New people at our house ask, Why is she growling at me.. LOL.. definitely not growling, just talking. I've always wondered if there's some Basenji in her because she just makes soo much noise. She also has a deep bark when she's chasing birds in the backyard or trying to be territorial.

    Bunny: BoxerxSheppard mix, Eli: Boxer, Treo: Boxer
    Zeke [RB]: RottweilerxAustrailian Cattle Dog mix

    Oscar & Chloe: White's Tree Frogs, Kiwi & Wasabi: Green Tree Frogs
    I sell DVDs and other miscellaneous stuff on eBay!

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    My Pom does the "yap-arf" mostly, but when she just wants to talk to me, she carries on and sounds like a monkey chattering. My Shih Tzu does somewhat of a low throaty growly woofy sound when he just wants to talk, but when he's outside barking at something it's a very loud "arf-arf-arf" type bark.
    I had a Lhasa that did almost identical to what "Joycenalex" described, and he did it if he was trying to get someone's attention. He would start out with a few muffled snorts, then on to the sneezes, then a few very soft woofs, and then if you still didn't acknowledge him after all that, the full-blown loud bark. I used to pretend to ignore him, just so he'd run thru the whole funny routine!

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    Belle... she sounds like a seal sometimes lol. Ar Ar Ar. but then if she sees a squirrel or the big honking cat at the house behind us it's ROOOO ROOOO ROOOO. If Beezer is being a pest and ticks her she actually HOLLERS at him lol.

    Beezer has a definite woof. It's a very juvenile sounding woof though. sometimes if he gets excited it's a rooo-oooo-oooo. If he is barking at a squirrel or the cat behind us... he gets so wound up that his voice cracks like a pre pubescent boy lol.

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    Oh, and the office sheltie had a high-pitched "Ark! (pause) Ark-ark-ark!" and if not stopped there would explode into a million-or-so of 'em!

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    Sierra is a Aroooo Wooooo kind of girl where as Buddy is a BARK That can scare the pants off of ya!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
    **Don't breed or buy while shelter dogs die!**

    I suffer from multiple Shepherd syndrome

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    The "Voices" ~

    They're all somewhat *unique* and can be picked out and identified.

    Previous FurKid Shadow, a beautiful Husky/Shepherd girl, had a Shepherd
    *BARK* with an occasional Husky *Hoooooowell* tossed in for effect.
    Her most aggravating trick was to BARK (loudly) at offending trucks we'd
    meet on Bus trips. And I NEVER caught on to what she didn't like about
    the ones she *shouted* at ... She'd ride quietly in the back seat - often
    standing and resting her head on my window-side shoulder, enjoying the
    smells blowing through the open window. We could pass 40 trucks driving
    the opposite way --- with NO reaction from her. But let "That One" truck
    approach and she'd **SHOUT BARK** one or two ear-splitting objections
    to THAT one being near her car! Never any warning - she'd wait till
    the 'offender' was beside us (and I'd be thinking 'he's OK') before she
    voiced her opinion. I NEVER connected any feature to her targets - big or
    small, noisy or quiet, ANY color, any shape, any cargo, any driver (big
    guy, pretty girl, long/short hair, glasses or not) ... NEVER figured it out.
    Oh, and did I mention Motorcycles? They were ALL on her special
    attention list - and most got *hollered* at. Somewhat embarrassing when
    she *hollered* at one sitting beside us at a light.

    The current Tribe ... Cinder:
    A somewhat petite little German Shepherd with a very LARGE sized voice!
    She *goes off* in alarm BARK mode from a sound sleep whenever she
    hears 'buglars' nearing the Ranch on the road - including the Mail Girl on
    her daily rounds, the trash guys stealing stuff from the neighbors' cans,
    and the UPS & FedEx folks three houses away. AND another *d*o*g*
    within a 1/4 mile of HER Ranch! In addition, she BARKS in anticipation
    of hikes at the BigLake Parks, the Findlay Dawg Park, and other phunn
    places we've visited. She has landmarks committed to memory, and
    seems to have GPS-like accuracy even if she's sound asleep.

    And did I mention her GSD ***WhiNNNNNNE***?
    Good GRIEF, can that dog **WHINE**!
    I think she has a larger WHINE vocabulary than she knows Bark words!
    She'll WHINE at the drop of a hat ... conversationally, of course.
    Doc Mike <snikkers> every time she visits - it's a non-stop WHINE-athon,
    even when she's not in the examining spot.

    Smokey has always been the Good Child - reserving his Barking to only
    the really important stuff. He'll rush to *watch* Cinder Alarm Barkin at
    the window, but other than a pre-arrival YAPP or two enroute, he'll quiet
    down quickly unless the 'burglar' (or other *d*o*g*) is actually ON the
    Ranch property. He'll sometimes look at Cinder with a "What ARE you barkin at?" look as he walks away from another false alarm.

    But conversationally, ole SmokeMutt has the Blue Ribbons to show for
    his talent! I credit it all to Mr. Ralph at Findlay - one of Smokey's early
    GUY friends. Ralph overcame Smoke's outright *FEAR* of men and got
    Smoke to sit in his lap - and they started *Talkin*. And did they TALK!
    Smokey *Wooed* and *ARoooed* and *Whined* and *Mumbled* and
    *Muttered* and made more strange sounds than I EVER heard a dog
    As soon as we got home from Smokey's First Findlay, he visited with his
    ORIGINAL Guy Buddy - Unka Pat - and started *Talkin* with him.
    Smoke won't *Talk* to just anybody ... ya gotta be a real Buddy ...
    but once you're IN, get comfortable ... he's got a LOT to tell ya!

    Bowser was always rather *quiet* - till something bugged him.
    Then he could rattle the windows with a DEEP Shepherd *BARK* that
    belied his small stature! He never participated in 'Burglar Barkin" at the
    windows - poor kid was too *short* to see out of most of 'em. He'd
    sometimes look out the sliding glass door and *mutter* at the horses
    and the Donkey/Jackass that lived back there, but *Barkin* just wasn't
    Bowz's main focus in life.

    Heidi (aka MiniMutt):
    Another BIG voice in a tiny package. All of 15 pounds, she makes up for it
    with a LOUD and somewhat shrill Yipp-Yapper that gets your attention!
    Vertically Challenged and unable to view the approaching marauders as
    they swarm the Ranch, MiniMutt has to rely on Cinder to be her radar
    eyes. Mini is a firm believer in advanced warning. One "Grrrr" from Cinder
    turns Mini into full alert - and she *BARKS* her way from the most distant
    room in the Ranch to her place under the table looking UP to the window -
    and *BARKING* her fool head off!

    The Visitors - Cali & Miz Molly:

    They're here, why not include 'em?
    Cali is a 30 pound Border Collie - she has a smallish voice that she really
    doesn't use very often. If there's AnyDog else handy - THEY can do all
    the alarm work - Cali will check 'em out to see if they're packin treats.
    But when she does *Bark* - it's kinda loud & deep from such a small source.

    Molly Mutt - the Houndy Dawg --- Good GRIEF - she's another Window
    Rattler! LOUD, deep, and rather serious-sounding!
    This visit she's trying out Cinder's NO-Bark collar in an attempt to
    reduce or eliminate her unexplained 20 minute BARK-fests that start with
    no noticeable provocations other than she's BORED and barking gets her a
    LOT of attention. So far, so good. Only a couple rather isolated *BARKS*
    at the other guys with the collar on. I took it off for bedtyme, and didn't
    get it back ON before her morning session started. I just totally *ignored*
    her, and that seemed to kill the desire to bark for nuffin.

    The FurKids *talk* almost as much as I do!

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    Finnigan yodels. He is half Basenji and they are barkless yodel-ers. I'm not sure what his other half is but that half can bark but it is the funniest sound, kind of like a squawky bark. For the most part, when he's happy he makes this yodelly rooooooooooooooo sound. He's also a real whiner and only does this when he's happy, like when he hears me dishing up breakfast for them or when we get their leashes out. The neighbours probably think we're torturing him by the sounds of it but he's actually super excited.

    Muddy has a strong, deep bark that he makes when he sees black crows and Ravens. All other birds are okay for some reason. He barks when he sees deer and smells bear and when the wheels turn on the truck. Our last road trip of 12 hours was lllloooooonnnnggggggg~

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    this is a fun thread.. but how can I describe this properly.. hmm....

    here´s a hint (China´s roo)... I´ll get more vids of howls and different roo´s and woo´s... haha... oh and Queeq´s squeaks too.. LOL

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