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Thread: RCMP in B.C. search for suspect after four-month-old puppy fatally shot UPDATE #10

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    RCMP in B.C. search for suspect after four-month-old puppy fatally shot UPDATE #10

    RIP sweet puppy...the police caught one of your killers, and I'd like to bring some friends to help him spill the beans on where his buddy is!
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    RCMP in B.C. search for suspect after four-month-old puppy fatally shot

    2 hours, 32 minutes ago

    By The Canadian Press

    QUADRA ISLAND, B.C. - A man who lives near Campbell River says his two children are distraught after finding their puppy shot to death after he ran to greet two men as they walked past the family's home.

    Nick Rose said Monday he was in his yard cutting firewood with his 12-year-old son Saturday morning when two men who had apparently been hunting went by.

    Rose said the four-month-old Jack Russell terrier ran toward the men as they walked down the road and he heard a shot as the hunters rounded the corner. The father and children ran to check on the dog and found him dying.

    He said his son and his 14-year-old daughter were extremely upset and that he had to restrain the boy from trying to attack one of the men.

    Rose said his young son was particularly distressed because he has just completed treatment for a brain tumour and the puppy was a replacement for another dog that had been put to sleep.

    Chris Rose, the boy's grandfather, said the family, in particular his grandson, is upset over the puppy's violent death.

    "Naturally, the whole family is just upset - tears and crying on the street. It was just awful," said the grandfather. "In particular my grandson, who, I should add, four years ago had brain surgery for cancer."

    The grandfather said he believed the puppy was hit with a single shotgun blast at close range.

    Quadra Island RCMP said charges of dangerous use of a firearm and endangering an animal are being considered.

    Cpl. Craig Peterson said RCMP have obtained witness statements and one of the two hunters is believed to have left Quadra Island and is believed to be living in the Victoria area.
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    I don't even know what to say. Senseless. This young boy, if he grows up given his brain cancer history, is liable to grow up w/a skewed sense of justice. Tragic. Absolutely tragic.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    872 could something like this happen in broad daylight? Made me teary just to picture the poor pup, running happily one minute and being hit the next....

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    This is so sad. This happened about 2 miles from my house. I know Nick, he works at our local hardware store. I don't know him, know him but I've talked with him quite a few times when we were in there every day when we were reroofing our house. He once came up and petted Tiger when we were in the ferry line up. I was upset because the ferry was full and Tiger was in poor shape and we couldn't get on. Super nice guy. So much has happened with that family, it is so awful that they have now lost their dog. I just called my boss because she grew up here and knows everyone (small island) and she said that she knows of the guys who did this. She said they are the sons of a man who lives here but she doesn't think they live here anymore. They come and hunt here every now and then. We have alot of deer and some wolves here that people come and hunt.
    Anyway, this could all be rumour at this point. From what I gather, people have made reports to the police about the boys and Nick knows who they are. I think they are in their late 20's. I'll know more in a few days. In the meantime Nick wrote a letter on our local webzine and it is below The puppy's name was Seymour.
    Everyone has dogs here and it is a very safe place with hardly any crime whatsoever. I have heard of dogs being shot if they are caught running the deer but nothing like this. So sad.

    This is the letter that Nick wrote to fellow islanders:
    Nick's letter

    Here are three pics of Seymour:

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    So someone can just walk through a residential area w/a fully loaded shotgun? It's bad enough that he shot the dog but it's horrific that the kids had to see their dog w/his head partially blown off and in its death throes. That picture will remain w/them forever. If there's any justice in this world, that guy will be caught and prosecuted.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    I hope both these guys get a FULL psychiatric assessment...and drag that sociopath dad in with them as well!
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