Mew, hi Teddy! You are very cute and our KatMa is already in love with you. Please tell your Auntie Marilyn that it is you who owns Dr. Mark Flodin!! and he is a very lucky man.

My baby brother, Felix the Prince and I, Norman the King wish you a very happy day as the reigning King today. If you are ever in Montreal, Canada, you're invited to our Palace (your doctor & auntie are welcome as well).

Life long & prosper, loved, cherished and adored (what every pet deserves). Keep honing your learning skills at your Palace. Purr-purr, your doctor will bring in new articles for you to study just like our purr~ents do for Felix and me.

Lots of purrs, kittykisses & nosetwinkies from both of us and our purr~ents send lots of hugs & kisses.

At our Palace we rate you which is the highest possible rating for mighty fine pussycats like you.

Quel beau chat!