My name is Svetlana but I go by Lana. I currently only have one pet. He's a long hair teddy bear hamster I named Tima and my dad name Timon so we call him Tima Timon

I've had a lot of pets.

I had a dog when I was young
4 fish when i was 9
I had 2 guinea pigs for (1 for 2 the other for 3)
since I was 15 I've had 13 hamster (10 were babies of my old hamster asha)
I've had 4 other guinea pigs who were the babies of my oldest guinea pig but we had to give them away
I also had a cat for 2 years who I gave away to my dads friend

Tima is cute, and he loves to eat carrots and he sleeps in his wheel day and night =)
He only bit me one time and has loved me since then.