Hi everyone...
If we all had the time in the world to spend on PT it would make things so much easier!
I wanted to re-introduce myself as many other people have here also.
I am a veterinary nurse and researcher for a veterinary products development company (although I do miss working in general practice). We haven't released any products yet so I can't say what we are working on, but it will be going global and you will eventually be able to buy our products in your pet store. Part of my job is to check on animal news happening around the globe and I often visit a number of websites related to animals, which is great! But it is also somewhat difficult as it can be hard to determine between business and leisure when it comes to having animals as my number 1 passion.
Other than that, I signed on to PT quite a number of years ago, left for a few years and then got a reminder email on my birthday this year about the site, so I've been back periodically since then.
I currently care for 2 cats (1 new kitten) and 7 goldfish, but have previously owned 4 lop rabbits and 2 budgies. I also work casually for a pet-sitting & feeding service (see my signature) that has started up in Wellington and Christchurch, NZ.
I live in a rental property 15 minutes' walk away from my work with my partner of 8 years and I'm looking forward to the southern hemisphere summer.
Hi to all newcomers to PT - it's a great bunch of people here
I look forward to contributing a bit more regularly!