I was cordially invited to join Pet Talk by luvpets2002, here I am........

I'm just a real old gal born in Los Angeles but left many years ago for the country life and have spent the past few years in the Missouri Ozarks. Out in the boonies on a small hobby farm.

I have owned and raised also almost every type of domestic animal, from pet rats to Llamas and everything inbetween. I have calmed down and now only have 5 dogs......Jrt cross, GSD, Newfoundland and 2 Pem Welsh Corgis. Also, am owned by a Blue & Gold macaw and 2 cockatiels. The barnyard now only consists of 8 chickens. I have 4 grown children who all live in other states and 4 grandchildren.

I make an sell dog/cat pads and a few other sewn items that are pet related and spend the rest of my time working in the yards and relaxing.

Not too exciting, but that about covers it.

Glad to meet everyone!

Truegrit Farm