I have a journal on my personal website, and I write to it three or four times a week. I realize that seemingly everyone these days has a blog, but if you will indulge me I should like to share with you some of the daily experiences and activities of my home place, Willow Oak.

I shall begin with a view of my front yard. There are the two large willow oak trees after which I have named my place. Dogs visible in the yard are (l to r) Cathy, Scamp, Oscar, Fred, and Sam. If you can see him, Thumper the cat is lying down on one of the concrete benches of the concrete settee. Living with me and sharing my home at present are 9 dogs and 12 cats (I think). Over time I should like to share with you how we all came to be together, and to share with you some of the stories involved in the day-to-day life of those who share Willow Oak.

I live on 16 acres in a very rural part of Mississippi. The front yard is, as you can see, completely fenced in. Even in the country accidents can happen, and I want the animals to be safe.

I have enjoyed reading the stories and viewing the pictures at Pet Talk. I hope you enjoy reading and seeing mine. I shall post to this thread several times a week.