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Thread: It's practically murder

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    It's practically murder

    One of my favorite features of my neighborhood is the abundance of huge old trees. There are hundreds of them all over; at least 2 in every yard.

    Lately they have been CHOPPING them down They are out there chopping down 2 or 3 different trees every day. They aren't just trimming them, they are hauling them away and shredding up the roots. It is devastating

    I don't know the details, it is quite possible that they have some sort of blight, but that doesn't make it anymore tragic to lose this many big old trees.

    *sigh* that's all..
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    Maybe you should ask one of the workers why this is happening. We took down one large tree shortly after moving into this house, as we could tell it was "sick" and the wires for electricity and telephone for our elderly neighbor's house ran through the branches. As much as I love trees, I didn't want the whole thing to come down in a storm and have one of them die. It was fascinating to watch, as I gave the job to the contractor who, when I asked the standard "How would you go about this job?" question, looked back up at the tree and the wires and said "Very carefully." But when it came down, the rot in the center of the tree was very evident.
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    Oh Missy, I totally understand your feelings! There just aren't enough big trees left anymore! Maybe there is a "good" reason for it?
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    They're doing that more and more up here too. One of the saving graces that the inner city has had has been the large shade trees on the blocks. It makes it look less "city", you know??

    Now they're cutting them all down. Leaving stumps(yeah, they don't remove the whole thing, they leave that for the owner of house the tree is in front of).

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    My neighbor did that when he bought the house next door. Apparently, he has said that his father made him do a lot of yard work when he was growing up because now he wants his place to be as low maintenance as possible. My old neighbors had planted beautiful flowering shrubbery and flowers and, when the new neighbor bought the house and moved in, he tore every one of them out. Then he started on the trees; he removed several pine trees that were several stories high. All he has is mulch now; no color, hardly any trees. Even the beautiful hand built gazebo that was there is now in the junkyard. It's a shame but some people just don't appreciate nature or God's handiwork.

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    They are doing that in our town too! They are making more room to build more houses, and there were acres and acres of land full of trees and grasses.

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    The University of Illinois is doing some interesting research on the relationship of tree cover to human health:

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    People on my favourite dog walk have chopped down lots of beautiful trees so they could build a "poncey" rockery instead. No offense to anyone with rockeries but the trees were lovely
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